installation of Slide and Swing Toilet Doors

Installation of Slide and Swing Toilet Doors for HDB

Install slide and swing toilet doors to enjoy the functionality and aesthetics in the compact environment of Singapore. In the realm of HDB flats in Singapore, space optimization is a constant consideration. Maximizing every square inch while ensuring functionality and aesthetics is crucial, especially in areas like bathrooms. 

Slide and swing toilet doors present an ingenious solution to these challenges, offering convenience, space efficiency, and a modern look. This comprehensive guide aims to delve deeply into the step-by-step process of installing slide and swing toilet doors for HDB units, providing detailed insights and clear instructions for a successful installation.

How to Install Slide and Swing Toilet Door?

Slide and swing toilet door installation is a manageable task that can reward homeowners big time. The following LS Toilet Door Singapore will help homeowners install slide and swing toiler doors for HDB. 

Understanding Slide and Swing Bathroom Doors

Slide and swing toilet doors, also referred to as sliding and folding doors, are engineered to economize space in compact bathroom environments. Unlike traditional doors that swing open, these innovative doors slide along a track and can be swung open when necessary, offering versatility and practicality.

Prepare to Install Slide and Swing Toilet Door

The journey of installing slide and swing toilet doors begins with meticulous preparation. Gather essential tools and materials such as a tape measure, screwdriver, drill, spirit level, pencil, door handles, hinges, screws, and of course, the slide and swing door kit. Accurate measurements of the doorway opening are imperative to ensure a seamless fit for the door.

How to install Slide and Swing Toilet Doors

Removing the Existing Door (if replacing an existing unit)

If your bathroom already has a door installed, carefully remove it by unscrewing the hinges and lifting the door off its frame. Please take this opportunity to clean the doorway area thoroughly, ensuring it’s free from any debris or obstructions that could hinder the installation process.

Installing the Door Track

The foundational step involves affixing the door track at the top of the doorway. Utilize a spirit level to guarantee the track is perfectly horizontal, which is essential for the smooth operation of the door. Secure the track firmly using screws and anchors provided in the door kit.

Attaching the Door Panels

With the door track in place, proceed to attach the door panels following the manufacturer’s guidelines. Slide the panels onto the track, ensuring they move effortlessly without any impediments. Fine-tune the panel adjustments to achieve the desired opening and closing mechanism.

Installing Door Handles and Hinges

The functionality of the door hinges and handles is paramount. Attach them meticulously to the door panels according to the provided instructions. Ensure the handles are securely fastened and align the hinges precisely to facilitate smooth swinging action when needed.

Testing and Adjusting

Upon completing the installation of door panels, handles, and hinges, conduct a thorough test of the slide and swing mechanism. Verify that the door operates seamlessly without any hitches. Address any discrepancies by making necessary adjustments to the door alignment or hardware.

Finishing Touches

Elevate the aesthetics and functionality of your newly installed slide and swing toilet door with finishing touches. Consider adding weather stripping to prevent drafts or noise intrusion. Additionally, painting or staining the door panels to complement your bathroom decor enhances the overall appeal.

Slide and Swing Toilet Doors singapore

Maintenance and Care

Sustain the longevity and performance of your slide and swing toilet door by adopting a regular maintenance routine. Clean and lubricate the slide and swing mechanism periodically to ensure smooth operation. Keep an eye out for signs of wear or damage, promptly replacing any worn-out components.

Benefits of Slide and Swing Toilet Doors

Emphasize the myriad advantages of slide and swing toilet doors, including their space-saving design, convenience, versatility, and contemporary aesthetics. Highlight how these doors are tailored for HDB bathrooms with limited space, making them an ideal choice for modern living.


Mastering to installation of slide and swing toilet doors for HDB units is a rewarding endeavor that enhances functionality and aesthetics while optimizing space efficiency. By following the comprehensive steps outlined in this guide and prioritizing regular maintenance, you can enjoy the benefits of a convenient, space-saving, and stylish bathroom door solution. Elevate your living experience in your HDB flat with a well-installed slide-and-swing toilet door that seamlessly combines practicality and modern design.

Frequently Asked Questions

The slide and swing doors feature a robust locking mechanism similar to that of a swing door, ensuring a secure and stable lock without any concerns.
Certainly! Sliding glass doors can indeed be customized to open on both sides of the opening. However, it's essential to communicate this requirement during the design phase of your project.
The slide and swing door, made of aluminum, functions similarly to a traditional bathroom door. Unlike many other metals, aluminum is resistant to corrosion.