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PD Bathroom Door​

Pd Door is an internationally known brand of aluminium door and window products. Our products has been used in many project developments in countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Korea and India. Our line of products is designed to solve challenges faced in contemporary residential developments. One of the major challenges faced in today’s homes is space constraint as livable area of houses get smaller. With this phenomenon getting more common, normal doors and windows systems are no longer as applicable as before. The first series of products we launched is Pd Door, which smartly combines the use of sliding and swinging system to save space effectively. The product is well received by developers, architects and interior designers, and has been widely used in their residential and commercial development projects. This innovative, functional and user friendly product provides the professionals with solutions in their planning and flexibility in their interior design.
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PD Toilet Door

Pd door designed without the need for bottom rail which is unsightly and hazardous. It engage the top rail to slide and swing to offer barrier free accessibility, easy cleaning and minimum maintenance.Much research and development has been focused in making the Pd Door system without a bottom rail, yet ensuring the system’s durability, strength and security.

Every single components and moving part, down to the smallest details like the screws are carefully designed & chosen with durability always in mind. To ensure durability, Pd Door system does not compromise on quality. All aluminium profiles of Pd Door system are 1.6mm thick, which is much thicker than most aluminium products offered in the market. High quality stainless steel hinges are used in supporting the door panels. Pd Door system has been put to test (PSB Endurance Test- 150,000 cycles) and has attained Passed Certification from PSB TUV SUD, one of the world renowned testing agency.

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