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Slide and Swing Toilet Door

Slide and Swing Toilet Door​

When choosing the right door for your terrace, many people are unsure whether to choose a hinged or sliding door. To choose the right Toilet door, you may struggle to decide which glass interior door is best suited for the bathroom, sliding doors or pulling glass doors. If you don’t have much space on your terrace, you might want to consider the benefits of slide and swing doors. Toilet Door Singapore offers high-quality hardware and many artistry options to meet the luxury of your home. Slide and swing doors with a wide range of finishes such as wood, metal and glass are available in a variation of colours and styles as well as in many different materials

Slide and Swing Toilet Door​

When you buy a new slide & swing door, make sure that the glass is tempered and firm before you buy. Based on our selection, we offer an affordable solution to all your sliding door problems in a wide area of Singapore. Our customized aluminium extrusion and high-quality metal processing combined with years of experience in maritime transport allow us to offer a unique and reliable solution for your needs. As intended for slide and swing doors, the sliding doors have two tracks on each side of the door, and one is on top & another for the bottom that acts like trails. There is no double plastic slide track, but a single plastic track on the left and a double metal track on the right. As sliding door material, we offer a variety of material type & design for your panel of slide and swing doors such as acrylic, opaque, frame and phenolic on the group itself. We also provide much different preset designs to choose from.

This enables modern edges with a retro look, features a grey-tinted sliding glass door and an elegant, modern design. We recommend a security lock that prevents the door from being locked from the inside and a safety bolt on the outside, for easy access and exit from the outside. Sliding shower doors work on rails, move side by side and require space to open in front of the shower, making them perfect for small bathrooms. The main disadvantage of swing doors is that they occupy the bathroom and hallway. Sliding doors are good because they do not need their additional floor space to swing inwards or outwards. If your small bathroom doesn’t open, a sliding shower door is a space-saving solution, but it needs space in the shower to open.

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