Replace Glass Toilet Door

How to Replace Glass Toilet Door of Bathroom in Singapore

Many people want to replace glass toilet doors for a variety of reasons. The old glass toilet doors might be broken or have big stains. People might be looking for a bathroom makeover and thus feel the need to replace the glass toilet doors. Whatever the reason, people can get overwhelmed by the whole process to replace glass toilet doors. The process might seem difficult, but glass toilet door replacement is a very easy task. You will need the right materials and tools and some free time. You can do the job easily without technical expertise or professional help.

Today, we are going to discuss the step-by-step guide on how to replace glass toilet doors. Stick around to the end to find the easiest way to go about this process. If you need professional assistance with services related to folding toilet doorscustom toilet doorsHDB toilet doors, etc., LS Toilet Door Singapore is your best choice.

Materials Needed For Glass Toilet Door Replacement

Here are some of the most important materials you are going to need to remove glass toilet door:

  1. Safety goggles
  2. Gloves
  3. Utility knives
  4. Screwdriver
  5. Suction cups
  6. Tape
  7. Plastic bags or cloth

How to Replace Glass Toilet Door

Replace Glass Toilet Door – Step-by-Step Guide

Here is the complete guide on replacing glass toilet doors in Singapore:

1. Remove Glass Toilet Door of the Bathroom

The first step to replace glass toilet door is to remove the old door. Check the glass doors to see the attachment of the toilet doors to the frame. Check for any clips or metal frames holding the door and the frame together. Remove clips or other metal frames with screwdrivers. Use your utility knife to remove the adhesives, caulk, or sealant between the glass door and the frame. Be gentle during the whole process to avoid breaking the glass. 

Once you have removed all the adhesives and clips, detach the glass door from the frame. You can use suction cups to hold the glass. You should have somebody help you hold the glass properly during this process, as any mishandling can damage the glass. Set the door aside carefully, and if it is broken, dispose of it. 

2. Check The Frame And Install The New Door

Inspect the frame for any signs of damage. If none exist, the frame is good for installing a new glass door. Check the position of the hinges or clips, as this is where the new door will be fixed. 

Put the new door within the frame and ensure that the hinges of the door align with the specific holes in the frame. Once you have properly aligned the hinges, secure them by using screws or nails. When you have secured the door, attach any other accessories like locks or door handles. When these are installed, the new door is ready to be used. 

3. Seal The Edges And Test The Door

Seal the edges of the door using silicone caulk. This caulk will prevent water from leaking from the area. Carefully smooth the caulk out using a smoothing tool or your finger. 

Once this is done, test the door by opening and closing it several times. If you spot any gaps between the door and the frame, tighten the screws some more. Also, check the door’s alignment and ensure it is properly aligned with the frame. 

Replacing Glass Toilet Door

4. Clean Up

Once you have completed the installation process, you should clean the area. Carefully remove any broken pieces of glass. Place these pieces into trash bags or some cloth to keep them in a safe spot. Sweep the area thoroughly and use a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt or debris. Carefully dispose of the glass or any other sharp objects. 


We have discussed in detail the process to replace glass toilet door. The first step is to remove the old glass door from its frame and dispose of it. Next, check the door frame for any signs of damage and inspect the holes in the hinges. Put the new door into the frame and attach it using screws or nails. Check the door and the frame for any gaps and misalignments. Clean the area after you are done installing the door. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If the glass has superficial damage or has permanent stains, you can replace just the glass. But if the damage has affected the whole door, you will have to replace the door completely.
Yes, you can replace the shower doors without replacing the frame. You can replace the glass by only removing it and keeping the frame in place. You can then put in a new glass door.
Privacy screens can be used to cover a glass bathroom door. Curtains or frosted film window clings can also be used. Waterproof bathroom wallpapers can also be used.