How to Install a HDB Toilet Door in Singapore

Many people want to install a HDB toilet door in their bathrooms. These doors are very popular due to their functionality and aesthetics. Whether you are installing a new toilet door or replacing an old one, the task can seem difficult. But in reality, it isn’t a bit difficult. You can easily install a new door With the right tools, the right approach, and a few hours of your time, Today, we are going to discuss the HDB toilet door installation process in detail. Stick around to learn the materials required and the process of getting a new HDB toilet door in your bathroom. 

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How to Install a HDB Toilet Door – Materials Required

You are going to need the following materials to install a HDB toilet door in your house:

  • A new HDB toilet door
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil or marker
  • Screws and anchors 
  • Screwdriver
  • Drill
  • Level
  • Hinges
  • Saw (for any adjustments needed along the way)

Install a HDB Toilet Door

Install A HDB Toilet Door – Step By Step Guide

Here are the steps to follow when you want to install a HDB toilet door:

1. Measure The Door Frame

Measuring the door frame is the first process in installing the HDB toilet door. It is also an important step since the size of the door frame will determine the size of the HDB toilet door itself. Thus, use the measuring tape to measure the height and width of the frame before proceeding to the next step. 

2. Preparing The HDB Door And Frame

If the HDB toilet door and the frame are separate, first position the HDB toilet door into the frame to know if it fits correctly. During this step, you should also mark the positions of the hinges in both the door and the frame. Use a pencil or a marker for this purpose. 

3. Attach The Hinges

Once you have marked the position of the hinges, you can attach them by using screws and a drill. You should drill the holes into the frame beforehand to attach the hinges quickly. Attach the hinges using the screwdrivers or drills and ensure they are tightly secured. 

4. Attach The HDB Toilet Door, Handle and Lockset

Drill the holes for the hinge screws beforehand into the door as well. Position the door into the frame and align the holes for the hinges. Use the drill again to drill the hinge screws into the door and secure it in position. 

The next step is to install the handle and the lockset on the door. Both of these usually come with the door. The manufacturer also gives instructions on how to install both of them. First, use the drill to make holes in the door. Then, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to install the door handle and the lockset. Check the attachment of the handle and the lockset and ensure they are both secure. Also, check both of them by using them. 

5. Check The Door Alignment

Use the levels to check the door’s alignment. Ensure the door is properly aligned with the shins and sits perfectly within the door frame. If you find any imperfections in the alignment, you can use shims to make a perfect alignment. 

HDB Toilet Door installation

6. Finish Up

Notice the door frame and see if there are any gaps in its alignment in the wall. This process is essential because the frame might get displaced in the HDB toilet door installation process. Thus, checking for any gaps and filling them with caulk becomes essential. Use a utility knife to remove extra caulk and provide a smooth finish. Test the door by opening and closing it several times and ensure it works smoothly. 

Extra Tips

  • The first step to install a HDB toilet door is to always measure the doors and door frame before attaching any hinges or drilling.
  • If the door is heavy, give it extra security by attaching one or two extra hinges. These hinges will secure it into place. 
  • Use the level to check the alignment of the door and prevent any further issues in the future. 


We have discussed the complete process to install a HDB toilet door in detail. Make sure to have all the tools ready and working before starting. Measure the door and the frame and mark the position of the hinges so that they can be attached accordingly. Attach the door to the frame. Secure the door in its position with the help of screws. Check the door’s alignment using a level, and you will be done. The process is easy and simple and will only take a couple of hours. But you can also take the help of HDB toilet door installation services to do the job for you.